The Issues

Salamanca’s 15-point plan for a fairer, safer, healthier South Bronx.

1. Affordable Housing and Homelessness

As Chair of the Committee on Land Use, Salamanca believes that any development must serve the diverse needs of the local community, not the profit motives of the developer, and he will continue to use the power of his office to address an affordable housing crisis that has been growing for decades.

Homeless New Yorkers are the most vulnerable among us, and our city leadership has failed to provide adequate resources or support. Salamanca is committed to doing everything he can as a Council Member to end homelessness in the Bronx.

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2. Addressing NYCHA’s Needs

NYCHA has been mismanaged for decades and we need leaders who will hold the administration accountable, empower residents, and most importantly, finally deliver the repairs residents have been waiting for.

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3. Supporting Our Schools and Creating Educational Opportunities

As our students, parents, and educators face unprecedented challenges, we need borough leadership that will do whatever is necessary to secure the support and resources our schools need to ensure no student is left behind. As Council Member, Salamanca will continue to work to ensure all South Bronx students have the technology they need to learn in and out of the classroom and that our schools have the infrastructure improvements they need to keep our students and educators safe.

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4. Creating Jobs and Helping Small Businesses

The coronavirus pandemic and current recession is devastating the Bronx, and our leaders must be prepared to address the mounting economic crisis. Salamanca is focused on reviving local industries and stimulating the economy, working to create job opportunities and ensure our workforce has the skills they need to succeed, and as legalizing marijuana becomes more likely, Salamanca will use his position to advocate for legalization and create an action plan to maximize these opportunities and return funding to communities that have been disproportionately harmed by the War on Drugs.

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5. Improving Green Spaces and Playgrounds

All communities deserve to have access to parks and green spaces and Salamanca will continue to make preserving, protecting, and creating these critical community spaces a priority, and he will ensure they are safe spaces for our families to enjoy.

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6. Responsible, Community-Led Development

As Land Use Chair of the City Council, Salamanca understands the importance of community-led development and the role it can play to create affordable housing and jobs, improve infrastructure, and stimulate the local economy. As a former Community Board District Manager, Salamanca knows Community Boards play a vital role in the land use process and as we work to ensure all developments benefit the neighborhoods they join, Community Boards must be empowered to make decisions.

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7. Safer Streets, Preventing Gun Violence, and Police Accountability

All members of our community deserve to feel safe here, and we must work together to reduce crime and keep our neighborhoods safe. Strong partnerships are critical, and Salamanca will work to improve relationships between law enforcement and our community, demand accountability, and support programs that prevent gun violence.

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8. Environmental Justice and Addressing Climate Change

Climate change is having drastic effects on our borough and we must take steps to improve our communities’ resiliency and sustainability. Additionally, the Bronx faces tremendous health challenges because of pollution. As we look to achieve environmental justice, we need leaders at all levels of government who are willing to commit to developing bold and transformative solutions to ensure no Bronx community carries an unfair pollution burden.

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9. Tackling Food Insecurity

As we work to make our borough healthier, we must use comprehensive strategies to address food insecurity and health by ensuring all members of the Bronx community have access to healthy food. That means increasing the number of farmers markets and green markets in the Bronx and investing in programs that bring healthy foods to our community. Salamanca is proud of the work he has done to bring Health Bucks to our district, and he is looking to expand access to that critical program.

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10. A Healthier Bronx

Like many issues impacting our borough, our health and wellbeing face many challenges beyond simply going to a doctor’s office. Salamanca knows that creating a healthier Bronx requires a comprehensive approach to the root causes of the presence of disease and negative health outcomes. As a former healthcare professional, Salamanca has seen the ramifications of failing to invest in public health. He will continue to work to expand access to healthcare resources, treat gun violence as a public health crisis, increase mental health resources and bring those who are struggling out of the shadows, address the opioid epidemic, and invest in free exercise opportunities across our Borough.

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11. Improving Transportation

All New Yorkers should be able to move across our city, and we must move to make our public transit more accessible for all by expanding the Fair Fares program, advocating for more express bus service and Metro North access, improving accessibility at our MTA stations, and making funding for transit infrastructure a component of major development deals.

As we work to improve our mass transit, many Bronxites still need to rely on cars to get around. It is critical that we ensure our streets are safe for everyone. That’s why Salamanca will work with local neighborhoods on their needs to create speed bumps, bike lanes, and specialized bus lanes and advocate for more speed cameras near schools, playgrounds, and other high-risk areas.

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12. Increasing Civic Engagement

As a former Community Board Manager, Salamanca understands the importance of empowering the Community Boards of the Bronx. Through his appointments, Salamanca will ensure Community Boards reflect the diversity of their neighborhoods and decrease vacancies. Further, he will encourage greater civic participation of younger residents by creating internships and other opportunities for students to learn about local government at all levels.

 Our right to vote is one of the most important sacred parts of our democracy. Here in the Bronx, we must do more to improve our voter turnout and encourage Bronx voters to actively engage in all elections, not just presidential elections every four years. Salamanca will fight to increase the number of early voting sites and add ballot drop boxes to every poll site, host voter registration drives, and demand Albany continue universal vote-by-mail after the pandemic has ended.

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13. A Fairer, More Equitable, And More Inclusive Bronx  

Every day, we work to ensure our nation lives up to its ideals -- liberty and justice for all, that all people are created equal, and that we continue striving to be a more perfect union This often falls on local leaders to protect the rights of residents and fill the void.

Salamanca will continue to work to empower our diverse communities and combat bigotry and hate. He will be a leader in confronting racial injustice and addressing systemic racism. We must invest in Black and brown communities and take on racial bias and discrimination head on. And while acceptance of and equality for the LGBTQ+ community has seen major victories in recent years, there have also been setbacks caused by the Trump Administration’s bigoted policies, which are likely to get worse under the extremism of the current Supreme Court. Salamanca will continue allocating funding and resources to LGBTQ+ organizations so they can continue making our community more accepting and understanding of our LGBTQ+ friends, family members, and neighbors.

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14. Supporting Immigrant Communities

Immigrants are a vital part of our community, and as the Trump years have taught us, local government is critical to protecting immigrants from bigoted policies at all levels of government. Salamanca is committed to standing up to bigotry to ensure the Bronx is welcoming to all.

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15. Elevating Women’s Issues

As we look to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, equal pay, job creation and support of women-owned businesses must be a priority. Salamanca will continue to support women business owners and entrepreneurs, protect women’s access to abortion and healthcare, work with the District Attorney to protect survivors of domestic violence, invest in efforts to address maternal mortality, and address gender bias and harassment.

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