Elevating Women’s Issues

Although our entire Borough is struggling with the impact of the pandemic, the economic burden has fallen more heavily on women, who are more likely to be in impacted industries, less likely to be able to telecommute, and still face a wage gap which is especially exacerbated for women of color. Limits on access to health care continue to put women’s lives and safety at risk, and with women making up 83% of single parents, lack of access to reliable childcare limits their work opportunities.  Workplace issues, such as safe staffing, on-call scheduling, a lack of paid sick time and paid family leave impact all our families, but disproportionately affect women. The Bronx has the highest rate of domestic violence in New York City, and while people of all genders may be victims of domestic violence, women endure the overwhelming majority of domestic violence incidents.

Beginning his career in the healthcare industry, Salamanca has seen firsthand how the burdens of day-to-day life disproportionately impact women. From access to quality healthcare, the societal struggles of raising a family and wage disparities in the workplace, these issues exacerbate the divide that blocks the path of personal and professional advancement for women. Utilizing discretionary funding, Salamanca has sponsored programs that prioritize both personal and career development through access to childcare and healthcare, financial literacy education and expanded MWBE training and outreach.

Recognizing the unfortunate reality of domestic violence in the Bronx, Salamanca has partnered with numerous community-based organizations to break the cycle of violence and empower women with personal and legal resources to prosper independently. Legislatively, Salamanca was the lead sponsor of Local Law 39 of 2019, which created comprehensive training for cosmetologists to recognize the signs of domestic violence in clients, and the resources needed to offer support. As part of Local Law 39, Salamanca partnered with the Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence to roll out training portals and other domestic violence outreach across New York City.

Salamanca has also used his legislative platform to expand the recognition of women’s contributions in New York City’s history through public art. Frustrated by the lack of representation of women in city statues, monuments and other public works of art, Salamanca sponsored and secured passage of Local Law 136 of 2019, which required the city’s Art Commission to establish a goal that at least 50% of all future works of art depict women. In his position as Chair of the Committee on Land Use, Salamanca has been a vocal proponent of more city development projects being awarded to MWBE developers. Instituting this practice in his own district, Salamanca has vigorously supported numerous MWBE-led development projects with supplemental Reso-A Council funding to ensure the project’s success and completion.

Salamanca's Plan to Elevate Women's Issues in the Bronx

As we look to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, equal pay, job creation and support of women-owned businesses must be a priority for our Brough. Salamanca will: <o :p></o>

                 Support women business owners and entrepreneurs

·                  Increase outreach to MWBE’s

·                  Currently fund MWBE training program in Hunts Point

                 Protect women’s access to abortion and healthcare

                 Work with community organizations and the District Attorney to protect survivors of domestic violence and expand access to resources for those who need them, especially for vulnerable communities like undocumented people

                 Work with unions and business leaders to address gender disparities within their workforce and in their field

                 Address gender disparity on Community Boards

                 Secure more housing for domestic violence survivors

                 Work with CUNY and Legal Aid Society to provide legal guidance for domestic violence survivors

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