Addressing NYCHA’s Needs

<o :p> </o>Every level of government has failed our NYCHA residents for generations. The systemic disinvestment by federal, state, and city governments has left our buildings in a state of disrepair and our residents in a state of despair. The Bronx is home to 71 NYCHA developments, and all of them need significant infrastructure upgrades, ranging from new roofs to new boilers and everything in between. NYCHA residents should not live in fear because of broken locks and should not have to wait for years to have dangerous black mold and lead remediated from their apartments. We must ensure NYCHA residents have clean, safe homes where they can live with dignity. We must do better. 

The mismanagement of NYCHA is a stain on every level of government. As city, state and federal officials bicker about who is responsible, more than 400,000 New Yorkers who call NYCHA home are left searching for answers. Representing more NYCHA residents than almost any other Council Member, Rafael Salamanca is holding NYCHA accountable and demanding better answers. During the height of the NYCHA lead poisoning cover-up, Salamanca made national news for his tough questioning of NYCHA brass, and demanded the resignation of then-Chairwoman, Shola Olatoye. Salamanca is also sponsor of legislation expanding the reporting requirements and action orders surrounding NYCHA’s responsibilities to remediate lead.

In our Borough, Salamanca visits with NYCHA residents regularly to hear their concerns and the dangerous conditions ignored by the housing agency. Whether it was exploring insect-infested apartments, leaking ceilings or gaping holes in NYCHA senior center walls, Salamanca broadcasts his experiences for all to see, often resulting in NYCHA repair crews visiting soon after to make the necessary fixes. Salamanca has secured millions in city funding for everything from heating controls to regulate boiler temperatures to security cameras and reinforced security doors. 

Salamanca's Plan for NYCHA

NYCHA has been mismanaged for decades and New Yorkers have paid the price. We need leaders who will stop making empty promises and who will take action to hold the administration accountable, empower residents, and most importantly, finally deliver the repairs residents have been waiting for. Rafael will:

                 Visit with every NYCHA tenant association in the Council District every year.

                 Fund infrastructure improvements such as new roofs; secure doors; removal of mold, lead, and vermin; and better lighting.

                 Put pressure on city, state, and federal leaders to deliver the funding NYCHA has been promised.

                 Work with NYCHA leaders, community organizations, and the NYPD to address safety issues in NYCHA developments.

                 Demand greater transparency and accountability from the NYCHA management on repair timelines, responsiveness, and quality of repairs.

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