Improving Green Spaces and Playgrounds

Open space is critical to both our physical and mental health, yet far too many Bronxites lack access to outdoor spaces to play, exercise, and enjoy fresh air.  Expanding and improving our parks and playgrounds to make sure they are safe, secure, and welcoming for all residents needs to be prioritized.

As the father of a young son, Council Member Salamanca sees firsthand how important access to quality green space and parks is for the healthy development of our youth. Beyond providing opportunity for physical exercise, green spaces offer Bronxites who live in high-density communities the space to relax and decompress. With this in mind, Salamanca is fighting for a fairer park system throughout the Bronx by delivering $6.5 million in capital funding and millions more in administration funds. Salamanca spearheaded the renovation of several parks in the South Bronx, including state-of-the-art playgrounds, improved seating and ADA accessible walking paths. Salamanca is the lead sponsor legislation to require a safe and sanitary diaper changing station in every park bathroom. He is a strong proponent of community gardens, and for creating a comprehensive urban agricultural plan within the five boroughs.

Salamanca's Plan for Parks and Playgrounds

All communities deserve to have access to parks and green spaces and Rafael will make preserving, protecting, and creating these critical community spaces a priority.

                 Work with community leaders to identify potential publicly owned land to turn into park space, community gardens, or playgrounds.

                 Ensure all new parks are ADA compliant and offer equipment for people with disabilities, and work to upgrade existing parks so that they meet ADA standards.

                 Build Playgrounds for All Children, including those with disabilities.

                 Work with communities to identify potential upgrades -- from new basketball hoop backboards to workout equipment to comfort stations -- that should be made in our parks.

                 Compile a list of community gardens that aren’t Park property and secure transfer from HPD to the Parks Department.

                 Work with the Parks Department to ensure our parks are getting cleaned and garbage is picked up regularly.

                 Advocate for the continuation and expansion of the Open Streets Program so that communities continue to have access to open space amidst the pandemic.

On Park Safety:

                 Secure better lighting in our parks.

                 Work with the Parks Department to install more Blue Light Help Points in our parks.

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